Up to 90 Days Protection

How To Use BactiDefense90+

- The surface that is to be protected should be cleaned and disinfected with BactiDefense Surface

- Spray the surface with BactiDefense 90 and allow to dry for 4-5 hours

- Wipe surface to remove excess

- Treated area or equipment is protected for 90 days

- High traffic or high contact areas should have product reapplied after 45 days

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Up to 10 Washes Protection

How To Use BactiDefense90+ Fabric

- Treat up to 20lbs of material

- BactiDefense90+ Fabric will protect clothing from bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses, including COVID-19

- BactiDefense90+ Fabric Can provide 90 days of coverage if directions are followed, and up to 10 washes before retreatment would be necessary

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Up to 4 Hours Protection

How To Use HandDefense

- Wash your hands and dry thoroughly. No need for hand sanitizer

- Apply one pump into palm of hands and rub hands together to cover

- Alcohol-free HandDefense protects the skin from depleting its natural lipid content, helping to avoid dermatitis significantly

- HandDefense helps keep skin silky and soft even after frequent hand washing, exposure to gloves, and other harsh environments

- HandDefense doesn’t evaporate and provides long-lasting protection

- HandDefense reduces the ability of dirt and grime adhering to the skin, ensuring cleaner hands

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Easy Application Options

*American Nightlife Association has approved BactiDefense as the most efficient and cost-effective protection against COVID-19.